Yalnes, Inc. Synopsis of Management Services

Below is a generalized list of things each and every community association deals with day in and day out. Some things get taken care of daily, some monthly, some come up only on rare occasions. Our expert team of management professionals has done it all. You decide which ones are simple enough for your Board of Directors, volunteer committees, or association staff to handle and which ones should be delegated to our firm so you don't have worry about them.

Financial Tasks

  • Post payments to owners' ledgers
  • Deposit funds into association's accounts
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Update signatory authority with Association's financial institution(s)
  • Prepare monthly financial statements (fund accrual basis)
  • Disburse payments for association's expenses
  • Prepare draft operating budget
  • Set up and receive payments for special assessments
  • Assist independent CPA with audit and tax filing
  • Approve invoices for payment
  • Owners view their accounts online
  • Process payroll
  • Assist with collection of delinquencies

Record Keeping Tasks

  • Create and maintain financial files
  • Create and maintain general files
  • Create and maintain individual Unit files
  • Maintain historical records ( >3 years)

Communication Tasks

  • Calls and emails to/from Board members - financial
  • Call and emails to/from owners - account status
  • Calls and emails to/from Board members - general
  • Calls and emails to/from owners - general
  • Prepare and send community newsletters and announcements

Meeting Tasks

  • Attend annual meetings
  • Attend Board meetings
  • Take meeting minutes
  • Prepare meeting notices, agendas, proxies, etc.

Mailing Tasks

  • Expense disbursements
  • Account statements to owners
  • Newsletters and other announcements
  • Special mass mailings

Contracting and Maintenance Tasks

  • Arrange for day-to-day maintenance
  • Arrange for recurring services (janitorial, landscaping, utility, etc.)
  • Arrange for major construction projects

Policy, Procedure, and Governing Tasks

  • Send initial notice(s) of violation
  • Follow up and send additional notices, levy fines, etc.
  • Manage owner appeals
  • Arrange and oversee "Enforcement Hearings"
  • Handle amendments to policies, governing documents, etc

Insurance Tasks

  • Renew/place insurance coverage with association's broker
  • File and administer insurance claims

Employment Tasks

  • Work with association's employees
  • Recruit, hire, train, terminate employees
  • Provide "fill-in" coverage for employees

Other Important Tasks

  • Provide and manage interactive Association web-site
  • Perform Site Visit and Inspections
  • Provide general advice to the Board of Directors
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Provide litigation support

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