Yalnes, Inc. Bookkeeping Services

Getting your books done right is of utmost importance. How else can the Board of Directors make sound and fiscally responsible decisions? Individual owners rely on their elected Board members to properly manage the monies they pay into the association via monthly and special assessments. The Board has to decide if the association can afford to replace the pool, manage all expenses so they are in line with the budget, and watch utility bills to make sure there is not a major water leak resulting in extra high water expenses. Our expert team delivers the best of the best. Financials produced by Yalnes, Inc. are on fund accrual basis and separate the association day-to-day expenses from the one time major projects and long term replacement reserves. We'll even track your utility consumption and tell you if there is a significant spike so that the unexpected water leak can be repaired quickly, before you spend thousands of dollars on water that just goes down the drain. The below basic bookkeeping package has been designed for smaller associations with an active Board of Directors that otherwise has everything else under control.

Basis of Financial Reports Fund Accrual
Monthly Fee $325
Services Include
Bookkeeping and Bank Account Reconciliation Yes
Bill Pay Yes
A/R, A/P & Assessment Processing Yes
A/P tracking Yes
A/R & Assessment tracking Yes
Optional Billing Statements to Owners Yes (Monthly)
Optional Budget Preparation Yes (Annually)
Financial Statements
Balance Sheet Yes (Monthly)
Income and Expense Statement Yes (Monthly)
General Ledger Reports & Other Functions
Check Register Report Yes (Monthly)
Delinquent Accounts Report Yes (Monthly)
Preparation of 1099-Misc. Forms Yes (Annually)
Service Limitation
Association Size Limit 50 units or less*
Please call for pricing for Associations over 50 units in size.

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