Community associations are corporate entities with their own Boards of Directors elected to oversee the millions of dollars of real estate and the lifestyle of the people cohabitating in the community setting. The Board makes decisions, develops policies, and decides who does what. A volunteer may be taking care of landscaping or a professional landscape maintenance company may be engaged to keep up with exterior appearance. The association may have a full time concierge desk and a management office to oversee the day-to-day affairs or it may be that someone else is in charge of that part of operations. Yalnes, Inc. fills the gaps where needed, at the discretion of the Board of Directors. As such, there are times when we may need to point you in a different direction to obtain the information, records, and answers to some of your questions; however, we've compiled the below list to assist you in accomplishing what you need to get done as efficiently as possible.

There is a fire!!! Do I need to call you?

Yes. But first, drop whatever you are doing (including reading this page) and call 9-1-1. After that, call our main office number (206-708-7777) and follow the prompts to mark your call urgent.

Can I call you after hours if it is an emergency?

Absolutely! We maintain a 24/7/365 emergency line.  Just call our main office number (206-708-7777) and follow the prompts to mark your call urgent. Our staff is always available to help with things that cannot wait until the next business day.

Can I pay my association charges and fees automatically?

Absolutely! We've partnered with YapStone, Inc., an independent third party processor, to help you get the fees paid to your association. Go to Make Payments to setup your own payment schedules and amounts. Pick your own date, decide how much you want to pay, enter your bank account info or a credit card. Please note, YapStone charges convenience fees - some of our client associations absorb the convenience fees as part of the regular operating budget and some pass them on to individual owners. If your association passes on convenience fees to individual owners and you would like a no cost payment option, contact your bank to setup Bill Pay and they'll take care of taking the money out of your account and sending it to your association.

I was charged a late fee. What do I do?

Things happen. Technology breaks down, mail gets delayed, and life gets in the way on occasion. Call our office if this is a one-time occurrence and we'll happily waive the late fees as a one-time courtesy. You'll need to submit an appeal to your Board of Directors if you racked up multiple late fees and have been carrying a balance on your account with the association. The Board will review the information you submit and communicate their decision to our office. We'll make adjustments accordingly.

I just closed on my home. What do I need to do?

Welcome to your new home! Sale and closing documents generally take a few days to process. Your escrow company will file the necessary records with the proper governmental entities and send copies of such to our office. Payments that you may have made at closing will also be forwarded. We'll get everything updated once the documents are received and we'll either send you a new owner welcome packet or notify your on-site management office / Board of Directors to get you settled in in your new home.

My mortgage company requested a master insurance policy. What do I do?

Most association insurance policies renew annually, which is when your mortgage company will usually ask for updated insurance information. Certificates of insurance (aka "master policy") specific to your lender and your home are issued directly by the association's insurance broker. Head on over to the mobile app and/or association website to view the applicable broker's ordering instructions. Once there, click on Resources, then Association Records, then Insurance. Certificate Ordering Instructions, if provided by your association's insurance broker, will be there. For associations whose insurance brokers do not provide ordering instructions, download the most recent certificate of insurance, which will include the broker's name and contact information. Click here to get connected with your community.

I want to remodel my unit. Is there anything I need to do?

Most likely, yes. Check your association rules and regulations for the appropriate steps to take before you undertake a major remodel that may affect your neighbors. A website and a mobile app with all association documents are available for many of our client associations. Click here to get connected with your community.