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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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Yalnes, Inc. FAQ Page
Have a question? Email us at info@yalnes.com. We guarantee to send you a reply and may even add your question to the FAQ page
What is the difference between Assessments and Dues?
Dues-a charge or fee for membership, as in a club or organization (source: dicitonary.com)
Although just about everybody calls assessments 'dues', they are not dues. They are assessments used to cover maintenance and administrative expenses.
Are owners permitted to attend Board meetings?
Most Associations' governing documents require 'open meetings', but permit the Board to have closed meetings to discuss employment, litigation, and other matters. We suggest all meetings be open as lack of transparency usually results in 'upset' owners.
Can a fine be levied with initial notice of violation?
Typically, no. A process known as 'Notice and an Opportunity to be Heard' first needs to be followed prior to levying a fine for a violation. It is a State Law for Condominiums created after July 1, 1990 - see RCW 64.34.304.
Can proxies be used at Board meetings?
No. Board members are elected by membership as 'individuals'. Owners expect that person to conduct business on their behalf. Proxies are usually permitted at general membership meetings (i.e. annual meetings).
Disclaimer: each Association has its own unique set of governing documents. We are not attorneys and this is not legal advice. Community Association Governance is a very specialized industry - always check your governing documents and consult an attorney.